Server not responding

What to Do When You Receive a “DNS Server Is Not Responding” Message?

Technology provides us with a level of comfort unimaginable a few decades back. From our home, we can basically shop for whatever we desire, anywhere around the world. We have access to all the news services, on any topics, and whenever we want to listen to our favourite songs, we can play them on one of the various music applications available online. But if you can’t go online, as your computer says “DNS Server is Not Responding”, then technology can be frustrating. Here’s how to solve this problem.


programming errors

What are the Most Basic Programming Errors?

There is nothing quite like clicking “run”, for a program and… it doesn’t. All programmers know the feeling, especially those beginning in the field and it’s not a good one. When it happens, you know you’re in for an uncertain amount of time, searching for the culprit, the bug in the code which is blocking the program to perform. Only then can you adjust accordingly and bring it to life. Here are some of the most common programming errors.