My Publix Oasis Log-in: How Does it Work?

Publix is one of the most popular chains of supermarkets in the South-eastern states of America. It started in Florida in 1930 and developed itself has the main supermarket in that state, while expanding in Virginia, South Carolina, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama. Today, it is an important employer in the region, and it has developed software called Oasis to manage the relationship with its employees. Here is how it works, as well as a little bit of history on Publix and the supermarket industry.


woman using laptop

A Guide to Adding and Removing Most Visited Websites on Chrome

Chrome is one of the most popular web browsers on the internet, thanks to its large variety of features. Many people around the world use it as it can translate any web page into the language of their choice, which is quite practical. One of the functional elements is that it provides you with the most visited pages links, directly from your homepage. But what if you don’t want them, or you’d prefer different ones? Here is how to modify this feature.


The great courses

Review: Should You Invest Your Time and Money on “Great Courses”?

Now that this very strange academic year has come to an end, many students will want to continue their learning throughout the summer. Some will do it to increase their general knowledge and others because they have gotten used to learning online, as they had to do so for months during the pandemic. The famous Great Courses are an option that is offered to them. Although the price might seem quite high, let’s look at the reasons why it could be an interesting choice.