Save Your Time by Buying French & Foreign Guest Posts and Linkbuilding with RankBL

Tired of struggling with foreign writers, media and bloggers to develop your linbuilding in France and abroad? Of course you are. Negotiating with each blog in a language you do not master perfectly is time and energy-consuming, as well as briefing writers to get the content quality you are expecting. Not only is the risk of misunderstanding high, but you are also likely to lose notoriety towards media. That is why RankBL is here: to help you create your backlinks in France and abroad, and improve your general SEO. Writing articles, inserting links and guest posting on your behalf is what we do. And of course, all prices are negotiated upstream with the media in order to make you enjoy the best possible rates!

Who are we?

RankBL is a service launched by French SEO agency, which is specialised in linkbuilding since 2015. We were the first French agency to launch an all-inclusive service of backlinks, meaning that we take in charge every part of your linkbuilding experience, from price negotiation with media, up to articles publication, through content writing and link insertion.

Our goal is to allow you to outsource your linkbuilding through our services in order to save you time, which, in business, is also money, as everyone knows. This way, you can focus on your field of expertise. Search Engine Optimization is what you do the best? Then do it more!

Why outsourcing your foreign linkbuilding?

Because it makes you save money, of course! Here are three ways we help you save time and money:

  • We negotiate prices with each medium we work with, so that we can offer you the best possible rates.
  • We send a personalized list of pre-selected of sites, relevant with your thematic, so that you don’t have to spend time going through an unending list.
  • You just need to send anchor and URL for each publication on the sites you select. You can rely on our writing team to find and interesting topics and write quality content.

Our guarantees regarding backlinks

Do you accept dofollow links? Can you confirm that there will be no sponsored tag on the page of the article? Will my publication stay online permanently? Here are all the questions you are probably tired to ask when contacting a new media to ask for a link insertion or and article with backlink. Buying your sponsored posts with RankBL is to make sure that all your links will respect these conditions:

  • A 400 words-long article (minimum).
  • A DoFollow link.
  • An anchor of your choice.
  • Only one client link per article (even in the future, no other link will be added).
  • A natural publication (follows the same path as any other article on the website).
  • A permanent publication (remains onsite as long as the media exists), guaranteed one year.
  • No sponsored tag.

This applied to ALL the sites in our database (unless otherwise indicated in the list we provide)! So you don’t have to double-check for each medium and you can order with serenity.

Our policy regarding media’s SEO potential

We do not accept all websites in our database. Our goal is obviously to help you rank and optimize your site. For this, we look for media that offer the best SEO potential in order to provide the best possible opportunities. While selecting our media, we check, amongst other criteria:

  • Their metrics, ranking and traffic.
  • If they are not too spammy.
  • If they look natural.

Obviously, we are constantly looking for new media to add in our database. As from your first order, you receive, each month, a recap of all new media added in catalog during the previous month. And if we add a medium with an especially strong SEO potential, or if we launch a promotional offer, we notify you straight away!

Our ethic regarding quality content

Today, finding a writer that does not copy-and-paste, nor translate, and write a content that is relevant to your thematic as well as the publication website, all this for an affordable price… Well, it is not an easy task anymore. RankBL chooses its writers with thoroughness in order to provide the best possible content. Our ethic include:

  • Employing native writers for texts in each language.
  • Working with freelancers rather than through platforms, so that we can remunerate them better.
  • Training them to produce not only unique and relevant, but above all original and standing out articles.
  • Training them to optimize their texts while keeping a natural style.

To sum up, RankBL, it is:

  • An all-inclusive service of linkbuilding.
  • A database of more than 4,000 media in 20 countries, press and blogs, in all thematic, for all budgets.
  • An outstanding quality of writing.
  • Guarantee that your backlinks will respect your needs regarding Search Engine Optimization.
  • A dedicated and responsive team, entirely at your disposal, whatever you need.


Our dedication to our clients is probably what they like the most. You are not left alone on a platform that you don’t master, but rather taken by the hand and guided all throughout your linkbuling experience. So if you’re looking for foreign backlinks and guest posting, don’t look further, you are at the right door! Contact us and give it a try with RankBL!

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