How to Create Online Marketing Videos to attract Lots of Viewers

Online videos are the main tool in digital marketing, today. You can place them on any social media as well, which offer great visibility for your products and services. It isn’t so difficult to shoot a video these days, as many use their smartphone to do so. Yet, if you want the ones your produce to be seen many times, you need to differentiate yourself. Here is how.

Use a Time Lapse Camera

You have most probably seen a time lapse video before, although you may not have known at the time, that it was called like this. It is a video that is made of pictures taken at regular intervals, from the same point of view. Once you place them together, back to back, it recreates what happened during the time that it took the pictures (minutes, hours or days) in a fast forward video. It is something that everyone enjoys to watch, whatever the subject of the video is.

The Tikee timelapse camera is the perfect tool for marketing purposes, when you want to explain how something works. If the process that is needed to create the objects that your company sells takes hours, you can reduce it to minutes by using a time lapse camera, that you will simply position in front of the machine or the worker that is preparing it. For a construction company, it is also a great way to show how a house built, from the ground up. And for farmers, how the harvest is carried out. No matter which sector your company works in, there will always be a way to differentiate yourself by using a time lapse camera.

Use a Character to tell Your Story

What people are looking for today, online, is to be told stories. That is why more and more video channels, such as Netflix are seeing the light of day. There is a way for companies to entertain their customers, while creating a stronger bond with them, which is called fiction branded content. It can be explained as the use of a fiction character representing your company. He or she can be describing and explaining how your products and services work, or they can create stories around your theme. It is even possible to have your character inserted into a larger group, so that you can benefit from the visibility brought by the others as well.

Keep it Short

No matter what your message is, you need to be able to diffuse it in a short amount of time. No matter how good looking your video is, chances are that viewers will only watch the first few seconds, if they aren’t fully captivated at all times. This is the way of the internet. Therefore, you need to make sure that the images you are showing are sufficiently intriguing, or that the story you are telling is strong enough to keep someone’s interest going, for as long as you need them to watch. But no matter how great your video is, you will lose almost everyone, if it goes on for too long. Anything that you can fit within 30 seconds is best. Try not to go over one minute in any case, unless your video is an “how to” guide.

It is easy to become good at creating strong videos. All you have to do, is to make tests. Create ten of them and send them out to people whose judgments you trust. Listen very carefully to their comments and look for common points, whether negative or positive. Just keep in mind that you won’t reach your target every time, or else you will lose faith on the process rapidly. 



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