Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): Does Eye Color Affect Work Fatigue?

Too often underestimated, eye strain from screens, scientifically known as Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), affects most office workers. From simple deconcentration to the unbeatable migraine, many people suffer from it, despite the rest glasses, screen filters and other solutions put in place by employers.

Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS): explanations

One could easily think that the eyes get used to viewing a screen over time, and that this activity no longer affects them. Unfortunately, it is rather the reverse that they need. In order to maintain their effectiveness, it is necessary to vary the types of vision required by the eyes: near vision and far vision.

During prolonged activity on the screen, only near vision is required. Far vision then becomes blurred. Especially since most screen activities are done in rooms deprived of natural light. The eyes must then get used to artificial light, which is much more harmful to their proper functioning in the long term.

Does eye color have an impact on fatigue?

According to the New York Times, eye color can actually affect health. Indeed, people with clear eyes (blue, green, gray …) have reduced iris pigmentation, which allows a greater amount of light rays to pass. These people are therefore more sensitive to bright light exposure. They would also be more susceptible to eye degeneration.

How to avoid eye strain at work?

If eye color makes us all unique, it also makes us uneven when it comes to fatigue. It is therefore important to know the solutions that can help reduce it. First of all, if you are working in front of a screen, it is essential to install an anti-blue light filter, which will considerably spare your vision.

Then go to an ophthalmologist and ask them to prescribe you rest glasses. Even if your vision is perfect, this type of glasses will prevent potential deterioration.

Also note that certain foods, such as blackcurrant, carrot or marigold, promote the delay of ocular degeneration, just like the various anti-oxidant foods (acai, Goji berry, ginger, cocoa …) .

Finally, there are also some easy little exercises you can do during your breaks at the office. You might think that our eyes need a boost, when it is precisely a varied activity that soothes them.

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