Openload Stream Authorization: What was it?

Watching videos on streaming platforms is quite popular today. In fact, it is slowly replacing going to the cinema, as lockdowns everywhere on the planet as accelerated the process. That is why more and more platforms are being created. There are the most famous ones like Netflix, Amazon, Apple and Disney Plus, but there are many more than just the big names. Openload stream was a way to watch movies for free. Though it disappeared, let’s take a minute to examine what it was.

Openload Stream Authorization to Watch Films and TV Series for Free

To watch movies online on platforms, you need to pay to get access. It is normally a monthly fee that varies between six and fifteen euros per month. When you have a membership with one, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to see any movies or series you would like. These platforms are presenting a limited number of productions on their site. Therefore, if you want to have access to all that is happening, you need to get memberships to many of them, which can be quite costly.

Apps like Kodi were offering another solution to the problem. When you accessed it, you would get into an openload co-pair, which would let you download films and TV series without having to pay. If it is free, it also means it is not legal. For a long time, it was in the visor of the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). In the end, they won, since Openload stream does not exist anymore. But before they managed to close it down, the people behind co-pair decided that there would be openload stream authorization needed for anyone who would want to use the service, as a way to protect themselves.

“olpair error”: Protection to Openload Stream

The way the people in charge of openload streaming decided to protect the system was to create an error. By doing so, you could not get into openload pairing automatically. It was a way for them not to be found and to remain open. If you knew how to get in, you would go through the various steps, and then have access to the video content. Those who found themselves faced with these messages: “olpair error” or “ error” had to follow the actions we will describe below, in order to get into the network.

It was necessary to do something so drastic at the time. That’s because it wasn’t only the association that wanted to shut them down. There were also hackers trying to get in and create havoc. Robots also found their way inside, prior to the strategy of error messages, and planted viruses inside the system. They could have destroyed the whole network and infected all users. The error message was the best way to keep them out.

How to bypass the Openload Pair Error Messages

First Step: Download and keep a VPN active at all Time on the Device

Anyone not using a VPN was banned form Openload Stream. Using a VPN made the user’s IP address secure, so that no one could identify who they really were. It was essential so that no one could be caught exchanging files.

Second Step: Use AN HTML-5 Web Browser

In order for the computer of the user to receive the new shortcuts and commands from the openload stream, it had to be opened on a web browser that could read them. Since they were coded in HTML-5, anyone wanting to connect had to do so on a web browser that supported it. That said, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox were all HTML-5 compliant at the time.

Third Step: Get in directly through the address bar

If you wanted to get in, you would need to type in the address bar, directly: “https:/” It was the only way you could be directed toward the Openload stream. It was designed as a unique entry door, to keep all the wrong people away.

Fourth Step: Prove that you are Not a Robot

To protect themselves against viruses, they had to find a way to keep robots out. They did that by using the process that asks you if you are a robot. You have to click inside a box, saying that you are not. Then, you need to identify an object found inside different images. If you get it right, you are allowed to continue the process to get inside Openload Stream authorization.

Fifth Step: Click on the Pairing icon

Finally, to get in, you had to click on a pairing icon that appeared on the screen.

Sixth Step: Close your browser and enjoy

The system would then advise the user that he could close his web browser. After waiting a few minutes, they could enjoy watching movies and TV series for four hours, before having to start the process all over again.

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