How to create your Top 9 on Instagram

Okay, let’s be honest: 2020 was not the best year to take pictures outside our home, since we basically lived in between lockdown periods. But that doesn’t mean the ones we took with our family and pets, inside the familiar environment of our home, were not exquisite. This year, Instagram offers once again the possibility to create and share your top 9 of the year. Here is how it works.

How to create the best Instagram Stories

Before we get into the recap of the “wonderful year” that was 2020, by telling you about the Top 9 picture-set on Instagram, let’s look at what you can do to make next year’s stories better. Today, with all the professional influencers on this social network, it is not uncommon to find stories that look absolutely amazing. Instead of being jealous, you can also join the rank of those that post beautiful, amazing, incredible photos. It’s easy, you just need to get yourself an app with additional templates and filters.

What will it do for you?

In a word: It will make you look “professional.” Your friends will be amazed at the quality of your posts, and you can be sure that you’ll get lots and lots of “hearts” as people click on your picture, showing their admiration for your work. After all, isn’t it why we post pictures online? So that others can see how good we can be! Don’t blush, we all do it…

Reminiscing the year that was

Well, 2020 was really the year that wasn’t, but we kept on living through it, and we still had great moments and took cool pictures. Otherwise, Instagram would not be as popular as it currently is, which is “immensely popular.” To help you celebrate the end of the year, and mostly the arrival of 2021, Instagram is offering you the possibility to collect your nine-best post of the year and present them as one to your followers.

It is quite easy to do, really. Since your posts are evaluated by the number of “likes” you received for each, the mobile app simply locates the nine pictures, which got the most. After that, it positions them into a particular frame, where you can see all of them at once, and you can decide to share it with your friends… or not.

If you disagree with your friends and followers, we suggest you take the creative route and reshare the nine pictures that you believe were your best ones this year. Then, just hope the number of “likes” increase compared to their first showing. Good luck!

Carry F.

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