List of Good Dares for Instagram to play with friends, your crush or your bf/gf

Instagram is the most popular social media platform these days, which makes it a great place to play. With the various dare games below, you’ll have tons of fun, and you might learn a thing or two about the people closest to you. Who knows, you may even fall in love with someone you did not expect…

Instagram Dare Game for Friends

Friends are forever, right? Unlike a crush or a boyfriend/girlfriend, they are meant to stay with you throughout time. That also means they should know you better than anyone. Try playing the dare game below with them, and find out who knows you best!

 “Fill in the blank” Dare Game

How well do you know me… Answer these questions and I will tell you if you are the one friend that knows me best.

What is my most famous nickname?

Answer: ___________

What is your contact name on my phone?

Answer: ___________

What part of my character am I known for?

Answer: ___________

Which color suits me best?

Answer: ___________

What is the Relationship status we share?

Answer: ___________

What do people dislike most about me?

Answer: ___________

Do you prefer my hair wet or all made-up?

Answer: ___________

Which picture of me am I known for?

Answer: ___________

What is my favourite song these days?

Answer: ___________

Instagram Dare Game for Crush

To some people, the chase is the most interesting part in a relationship. They love to fall in love, and when they are done, they can’t wait to do it again. If you are part of this category, you will love to play this game below.

Truth and Dare

Choose any number from 1 to 10

Note: You have to reply fast – without thinking too much. Here is the dare you will have to perform, according to the number you chose:

1-Send me a Selfie of you using the toilet.

2-Sing me your favourite love song and send it to me.

3-Tell me what kind of underwear you are wearing (men: boxer, slip / women: string, slip, etc.) or if you aren’t wearing any.

4-Put my name on yours Whatsapp status with the mention: “I want to marry you.”

5-Make a video clip where you send me kisses, mentioning me by name.

6-Send me a voice clip saying: “I want you now.”

7-Take a picture of you with only your bra on (women) / bare chested (men).

8-Tell me which actor/actress you’d like to sleep with and why.

9-Take a picture of your legs (women) your body wearing only boxers (men).

10-Make my pic your DP on WhatsApp and in your status write “Baby, I am falling in love with you more and more each day.”

Instagram Dare Games for Couples

On Instagram, as in real life, it’s always better to play with your boyfriend/girlfriend. It only gets more personal and more intense. That’s why the next few dare games are some of the most intriguing ones. How will he/she react to his/her dare? Will there be lots of laughter or lots of tension? A tip: Don’t play these games if your couple is not in a good phase. It could end up going in the wrong direction.

Dare Game for couples Number 1: Instagram Questions

Choose a number between 1 and 20, and I will send you a dare you will have to complete.

1-Send me yours cutest pic of when you were young.

2-Write my name on your status with the words: “I LOVE YOU.”

3-Don’t talk to me for one day.

4-Send me kisses in a video clip that you post.

5-Tell me which actor/actress you like physically and why and compare him/her to me.

6-Tell me your darkest fantasy.

7-Tell me who your crush before me was.

8-Tell me which part of my body excites you most.

9- Tell me which brand of under-garments you have on.

10- Sing a song and dedicate it to me on your Instagram.

11-Tell me a secret you never told me before.

12-Delete my number from your phone (and call me after.)

13-Place my picture as your DP for one day.

14-Ignore me for 24 hours.

15-Take a picture of you right now to show me what you are doing.

16-Send me a picture of your previous crush.

17-Tell me something I don’t know about our relationship.

18-Send me your best friend’s number.

19-Write “I am mad” on your status.

20-Take me for a long drive – NOW!

Dare Game for couples Number 2: Funny Dare

Select a number from 1 to 10. It will tell me how you feel me about me right now.


1-Don’t go please

2-God be with you

3-I can’t live with you

4-I Love you, please don’t go

5-Go away and don’t ever come back

6-I’m afraid you won’t stay

7-I can’t live without you

8- I don’t care about you

9-I will miss you if you go

10-Don’t forget me please

Dare Game for couples (and close friends) Number 3: Truth AND Dare Games

Answer the following questions in 2 minutes. It is a game.

1-How did we meet?

2-Where is the first place we encountered each other?

3-Who am I to you?

4-Do you trust me?

5-What was your first impression when you met me?

6-What is my name on your phone?

7-What thing do you dislike most about me?

8-How would you describe me in one word?

9-What do you like most about my character?

10-Can I share your answers on my Instagram story?

Carry F.

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