How to recognise different types of websites and why?

In the vast ocean of the web, there are different kinds of websites. E-commerces, social networks, blogs and magazines, corporate but also non-profit websites… All of these have different goals and features. Here are some tips to recognize them and not fall into the marketing net.

Why recognizing different types of websites?

First of all, you might wonder why should anyone be able to recognize different types of websites ? Well the answer to this question is easy : in our today world of consumption, it has become very difficult to get proper non-commercial information.

For instance, if you are looking for the best food supplement for your diet ? Most articles you will read will be sponsored by pharmaceutical companies. Or else if you are looking for the best restaurant near you, the customers review you will find may have been bought by the establishment you are inquiring on.

So, in this labyrinth of contents that is offered by the World Wide Web, here are some tips on how to differentiate types of websites.

Blogs and e-zines : behind information hides advertising

Initially aimed at providing pure information, blogs and e-zines offer a variety of content, from news articles – called hot content – to tips and advices – called cold content – on any topic of life, depending on the thematic of the magazine.

As one would think they are only aimed to provide valuable information, they are actually financed by advertisement. This pop-up window you just clicked on by mistake ? It represents money for them. This banner that forces you to scroll down to get to the content you are interested in ? Money again.

And this is counting without all the content that is sponsored by companies in the framework of their SEO strategy : they are looking for new links to boost their corporate website and ask media to compose new content in this sole goal. That is how we end up why an uncountable quantity of « empty content », that is content without any informative goal, but only aimed at inserting a discreet advertising link.

How to be sure if a website is commercial or not ?

Most of the time, you can recognize a commercial site at first sight : if there are banners and advertising spaces, you can be certain that this site is for profit. But sometimes, even profitable blogs to not openly show their advertising methods.

In the case, just go to the website’s Terms of Services and look for the name of the organization that edits the content. If it is a Ltd or any other company abbreviation, you are on a corporate website. If it is an association of the Government for instance, you can here be certain that the content is not promotional.

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