What You Can Learn from Popular Logos to Create Yours

Your logo is often the first thing your clients and partners will encounter in your company. If the first impression is wrong, it will be an uphill battle to get them to work with you or buy your products/services. That is why you need to make sure your logo is as efficient as can be, and to do so, you should inspire yourself from the great ones. Here are a few examples.

Logos that Remain on Your Mind

If you think of McDonald’s, you immediately see the golden arches forming the letter “M” inside your head. Better yet, when you see the drawing of an Apple, you probably associate it (even unconsciously) to the brand of computers and phones of the same name. That is what a powerful logo can do for you. Here is a few brands’ logo that you can think of, while creating yours.


Just by reading the name of this company, you probably already had a flash of the four circles intertwined in your head. That is because the logo of the Audi brand is powerful in its simplicity. Few people know that before being four rings, it was only one; that is ultimate simplicity. They switched to the version we now know, when they merged with three other partners. In the end, even when they separated, they decided to keep the four circles, since it was already established. Audi is known for its high quality, and the perfection of circles is hard to beat…


You may wonder why in all the logos of the world we chose FedEx. There is no denying that everybody knows FedEx. In fact, even though UPS is from afar the most utilized courier service in the world, the FedEx logo, thanks to its simplicity and the fact that it is bi-colour, comes out at you and stays on your mind. But the main reason why we chose it is for its practicality. Although the first part always remains purple (Fed), the second part (Ex), which is normally orange, changes colour according to the service used. The adaptability of a logo is something to keep in mind when you create yours.


Of course, when you think of Shell, you think of gasoline and oil. But did you know that before it got into that industry it was actually selling sea shells (literally)? They kept the shell as a logo when they transformed, because they wanted to keep the history of the company alive. That is a great story to tell when you encounter new clients and partners. If you find a way to create a logo from which you can tell a story, it is a good way to start business relationships.


Carry F.

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