How to Unite Your Team at Work?

A united team is a stronger team. That is something all good managers are aware of. There are ways to bring people together so that they come to the office happily every morning. First, you can add an animal to the group. It can be a cat or a dog, but it is possible to find an unusual one. Secondly, you can have special dress code days to instil a little bit of fun and relaxation to the atmosphere of the office.

Having an Office Pet

The most obvious solution to having a pet at the office is to bring your own. Unless your dog is aggressive, they are often the first choice of pets to have around. A cat will also bring joy to the team, as long as it is a social one. If he hides in every corner of the office, so that he won’t be disturbed, you should leave it at home where he’ll be more comfortable.

But there are other less conventional pets that you can think to have and to keep at the office. One of them is the Halloween moon crab. With their wild colours and cute little face, they will enchant everyone. Those that are used to have people around them are quite sociable. It will definitely create an added bond of unity between the employees, as they name their new friend and take care of him all together.

Special Dress Code Days

Everyone knows that on Fridays, since a few years back, many companies have started to adopt a more casual dressing for everyone. In fact, at least in summer time, many offices close down at noon, so that employees benefit from a longer week-end. These new rules are really appreciated by workers and can be expanded to other days of the months, in order to motivate the troops.

In summer time, think about having a beach day, where everyone can come in wearing Bermuda shorts and polo shirts, while wearing tongs instead of shoes. If you do so, make sure to establish rules, otherwise some of your employees may well arrive at the office in bathing suits. Although that would cause a few laughs, it could also be a disturbing factor.

In winter, add a day where people have to come in wearing the ugliest shirt they can find. It has become very popular in America to sell ugly wool shirts, with various designs on them. It will bring joy to everyone and you can all share a warm cup of coco to get the day going.

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