How to Make Snapchat Dark Mode in 2020

Do you ever use Snapchat and other mobile apps on your phone, late at night, with no lights on? If so, you may find your eyes are burning and getting tired rapidly. That is because you are not using dark mode, which is not available on Snapchat. But there are still ways to get it, and we will explain how to do so in this article.

What is Dark Mode?

Dark mode is a very popular option, which can be found in most of the popular applications today. If dark Snapchat does not exist, it is not the case for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram who all have their own dark mode. It is meant to be used at night, when all the lights are turned off. The white or light coloured background, used by most app to ease reading during the day, becomes aggressive to your eyes. Dark mode turns the white background of the app into a dark coloured one. Considerably, it reduces the strain on your eyes and lets you enjoy your favourite social media, in bed, before you go to sleep.

What is Snapchat and is a Dark Snapchat Coming Soon?

For those of you who don’t know about Snapchat, it is an application to send messages which has a lot of different features on it. Since its creation, Snpachat has grown a lot and they regularly update it with new options. Even though there have been rumours that there would be a dark mode Snapchat, that’s all they are – rumours. There has never been any official announcement from the company leading us to believe that there would ever be a dark mode version. Therefore, don’t put too much faith in it and instead follow our “how to” guide below to use Snapchat night mode. It will explain the procedure on both the Android phones and the iPhone models, so that you can enable your Snapchat app to switch to dark mode.

Why You Should Use Dark Mode Snapchat

Whenever you use your mobile phone in a place, where the light is really low or completely absent, you should think about using dark mode. In fact, once you try it, you will never go back to the regular mode at night. Here are some of the benefits of switching to dark mode Snapchat.

No More Pain in Your Eyes

That is the main problem that the dark mode solves. When you are in an environment with little or no light around you, and you have a bright light shining in your eyes, it will bring you a burning sensation. That is what happens when you use your mobile phone without the dark mode. The bright white light goes directly into your eyes and hurts them, while also making them tired and heavy. The dark mode will stop all these side effects created by too much light, by changing the white or light background to a black or dark coloured one.

You Will Save Battery Energy

In 2020, battery energy is still a common problem. It goes down rapidly, but even more so when the mobile phone has to be in full light mode, which is the case in a dark environment. That phenomenon eats-up the battery rapidly and you can find yourself with no more electricity inside it before you are done browsing your favourite social media. If there are no electricity outlets near, then you’ll have to go plug the phone elsewhere and let it charge, while you go to bed and try to sleep. The dark mode saves a lot of battery energy because it uses less light.

How to get Dark Mode in Snapchat on Android Phones

Since there is no dark mode option on Snapchat, you need to find other solutions to use dark Snapchat. Depending on which OS system is on your phone, the solutions will be different. Here is how you can do it on an Android phone.

1st Method: Change the Settings

Not all Android phones have a dark mode. But to find out if yours do, just go to settings. Once you are there, do a search by typing “dark mode.” If it exists in your phone, it will show up in your results. Then, all you need to do is click on the link to get to it. Once you choose it, your phone will automatically turn into dark mode. All the bright colours will become dark. This will apply to your apps as well, so you will now be able to use Snapchat dark mode.

2nd Method: Getting Dark Mode through a Third Party App

If dark mode is not on your phone, then go to Play Store and download the Sub stream Theme Engine app. It will enable your phone to go into dark mode.

How to get Dark Mode in Snapchat on iPhones

The bad news is that there is no dark mode option in an iPhone, and there are no apps available for Apple phones to download to turn them into night mode. The only way to go about it is to adjust the colours on your phone. Here is how you can do it:

1: Open “Settings”

2: Click on “General”

3: Click on “Accessibility”

4: Click on “Display Accommodations”

5: Click on “Invert Colors”

You should then be able to use your iPhone in some kind of version of dark mode!


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